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Backyard design
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Problem: Outdated backyard and front yard needed revamping for newly remodeled family home 
Solution: Update backyard and front yard for mid-century modern design
Resolution: Focal point area in back with bench,  firepit plus adding kurapia and new plants in front for curb appeal

Before: This client wanted to revamp her front and backyard as they had just remodeled their home for a more mid-century modern aesthetic.
After: We incorporated the same style of design to their project. What we came up with was a beautiful patterned tile that has a very modern look which we used on the front porch and sitting area, a stunning corten metal planter with Kurapia so their kids can play on it, and staggered concrete pads with rocks in between to tie it all together. The clients were very pleased with how it all looked and we couldn’t be happier!

San Diego, CA 2023

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