Backyard landscape design

Backyard Design

Problem: Backyard needed updat for family & dog
Solution: Revamp backyard, made it more useable
Resolution: Added new outdoor kitchen, water feature for dog to use and curb appeal

San Diego Landscape Design

Backyard Remodel

Problem: Backyard and frontyard needed to match home remodel
Solution: Update backyard and frontyard to mid-century modern design
Resolution: Focal point area with bench, firepit, kurapia & new plants in front for curb appeal

Carlsbad backyard design and jacuzzi

Backyard Design + Jacuzzi

Problem: Backyard not useable
Solution: Design backyard to match their indoor aesthetic to outdoor
Resolution: New tiled flooring, small deck with jacuzzi, patio cover and outdoor BBQ

Black Swan

Backyard Remodel

Problem: Needed upgrad for family and dog
Solution: We designed a perfect oasis for the family and dog
Resolution: A beautiful L-shaped bbq with waterfall, lush grass and seating

Carlsbad patio design

lounge & brick pizza oven

Problem: Small backyard, space not really useable
Solution: Make backyard beautiful and usable for family
Resolution: New outdoor kitchen with pizza oven, new flooring, fireplace and drop in jacuzzi

San Diego landscape build

Backyard Upgrade

Problem: Needed a new design, moved into new home
Solution: Design auseable ubackyard for small space
Resolution: Addition of small deck with patio cover and drop in jacuzzi, fire pit, metal screen panels for modern look

Encinitas backyard design

Encinitas Backyard Design

Problem: Encinitas backyard needed a redesign
Solution: New backyard design that brings the aesthetic that they have indoors
Resolution: New focal point planters, water feature, fireplace and seating

Carlsbad backyard design

Carlsbad Backyard Design

Problem: New Carlsbad home was bare dirt
Solution: Designed new outdoor space for frontyard and backyard
Resolution: Adding retaining walls, stairs & planters in front

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