Carlsbad backyard design

Problem: Small backyard, space not really useable

Solution: Make space beautiful and usable for family

Resolution: Focal point area with bench, firepit, kurapia & new plants in front for curb appeal and the addition of new outdoor kitchen with pizza oven, new flooring, fireplace, and drop in jacuzzi

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We provide plant services along with landscaping design and build.

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The landscape requires very low maintenance, reducing the cost of ownership substantially.

Carlsbad patio design
Before: This lovely family wanted to enjoy their small backyard and make it more functional and their own oasis.

After: We were more than happy to help and designed a gorgeous space that utilized every square inch of their backyard, they are also avid cooks and love to have a nice evening grilling or making home made pizza so we had to incorporate a stunning pizza oven and custom built BBQ. The family had also purchased a prefab spa and we made it beautiful by creating walls around the spa and adding this gorgeous tile around it. Overall the family was so happy and they can now enjoy their own personal oasis!

Carlsbad patio design
Carlsbad patio design
Carlsbad patio design