Having plants inside your home or business is a good thing because they offer healing properties and other health benefits. Studies even show that fewer employees call in sick when their offices have plants. Taking care of these plants, however, can be a hassle, especially for people who don't have a green thumb. That's why we don't just come up with great indoor plant layouts and designs for you; we also offer indoor plant maintenance programs.

Are you in need of plants for a special event? We offer plant rentals that you can use to turn any place into something unique overnight. We can even handle the layout and design of the rental plants to help you get the most bang for your money. This is perfect for people who are hosting a showcase or a photo shoot.

Bring Mother Nature indoors our Green Walls (aka Living Walls). Green Walls provide so much. They beautify and give life to any indoor space. They improve the air quality of your home and business, act as a sound barrier and help to reduce stress. We design and build Green Walls of various shapes and sizes using a variety of wonderful plants including moss, tropical and succulents. It's a great way to bring mother nature inside. Your family, friends, clients, and collegues will love your Green Wall!

Samples of Recent Interior Projects

This company provided stellar, professional indoor and outdoor landscape design and installation. Patty designed and the team installed a beautiful planter with tropical plants and trees for my indoor atrium. She designed and supervised the installation of a flagstone patio and walkways, including new drainage and irrigation systems. I am impressed by Patty s thoughtful selection of interior and exterior plants to complement both project designs. The workers were courteous, dependable and thorough. I could not be more pleased with the finished product. They continue service for indoor plants, and I plan to utilize their outdoor maintenance services as needed.

--Monica M

Patricia and her team are incredible. We went on vacation, left them with instructions and came back to a completed project that exceeded our expectations. They undercut the competition without cutting an corners. They were timely and professional. I have nothing but confidence in their work and will use their services agains soon.

--Abigail K.